mobile phone tech help please

Hey all

there is a possibility I may have to prove at some stage that, from my mobile phone, I dialled a particular number several times (a repairman) and that from that same number, I only received a single call.

At the moment, these numbers are listed on the “dialled numbers” and “missed calls” registers on my phone, but obviously as these numbers get older they will drop of the list to make room for a record of the more recent numbers.

I’ve been into carphone warehouse and phoned t-mobile who ahve both said that no record is kept (I only dialled these numbers - when teh repairman didn’t pick up, I hung up so they won’t be on my itemised bill). I’ve tried taking photographs of the screen showing these details but they haven’t come out.

I was just wondering if there is anything at all I can do to somehow preserve this evidence?

My only other thought is type out the details on my phone and then get an independent person to sign the paper in an attempt to prove it’s true…

Any ideas anyone? A way I can somehow download this info like a photograph (I’m not very technical minded myself and haven’t really got a clue!)

Cheers very much! and sorry for the long post!

Taking photographs won’t prove it’s your phone Flick, though if it helps, I can take these photographs of your phone with our high-grade camera equipment. Your provider WILL have a record of all calls made, this is part of a new anti-terrorism bill I believe, though you need a warrant to get hold of it also, I believe.

Photos would be really helpful, if you wouldn’t mind Jay, thanks v much. I know it doesn’t prove it’s my phone, but I don’t know how else to cover that point other than the circumstantial fact that in the photograph it looks like my phone, I own a phone like that and have the bills to prove that aspect, and I can obviously produce that phone if/when necessary.

Not much chance of me being able to get a warrant, thanks for the info though - I’ll bear it in mind.

Where/When are you next out and about?

Coffees on me! I’ll even throw in a biscuit or 2 - I can’t say fairer than that!

Tricky one. And perhaps an interesting story you’re hinting at? Do I hear lawyers getting ready in the background? LoL

Perhaps you could get a new sim/phone on pay-as-you-go to use in the meanwhile?

There’s this bit of software that would appear to help but costs and will need bits of cabley stuff and gubbins.

I hope Jay’s Nikon can manage the photography job, but you may find you’ll need someone with a Canon (being much superior) to do the job properly. He’ll argue but I’ve got Cezar on my side

oh my! Is this camera flashes at dawn?!?!!

not lawyers Andrew - just me! My landlord issues are spiralling ever downards - marvellous! I’ve withheld 1 months rent + expenses (lawfully) due to having no hot water for 5 and a half weeks and evil landlord has allegedly instructed solicitors! I don’t believe him because I think he’s too stingy to instruct solicitors. I think he is just being a big fat mean bully!

…no harm in being prepared though (eek)!

He’s on a wind-up, don’t worry Flick, the Nikon is more than up to the job! It’s best to do it indoors so we can have the right light and somewhere steady to do it. Fancy meeting us in Hammersmith some time?

ah, thank goodness - you boys and your toys!

Hammersmith sounds good to me - name your time, whenever’s best for you - evening/weekend would be great…?

thanks sooooooooooooooooo much!

Hey Flick.

you could just stop paying rent altogether. It will take him at least 18 months to get a court order to evict you. think of the money you’ll be making out of that evil fat shite.

Flick, you can get a sworn statement to prove the fact.

A police officier could see your evidence and record your details.

I am a Police officer.

I have statement forms used by the Crown Prosectution Service and they hold in Court.

Let me know if you need me.

P.S Courts (should it go that far) have issues dealing with digital evidence (as it is easy to manipulate.)

ha, thanks! believe me puppy you ahve no idea how tempting that is! Why can’t people jsut be fair in life? Is that so much to ask?

Thanks Steve, I was thinking of trying to do both - photos and some kind of sworn statement, as you say. Would you maybe be free and willing at all sometime in the near future to autograph such a statement for me …there’s a coffee and a couple of biscuits on offer again?!

Steve’s cheap, he’ll do & sign anything for a coffee and a couple of cookies… Chocolate chip, mind you!

“I’m a policeman” ? Ello ello ello. Is that the sound of the truth being pulled a little…



And he is an honest soul with a trusting face and a few words of French.


Fear Not “El Flick”

In Camden High Street (Next to Argos) is a Luggage Shop and they have a mobile phone counter with a guy not only repairing and selling phones but hes got a Computer Programme running that deals with retrieval of information from hand held PC,s and phones and all that pallava. He can help you with the phone too as he,s done it for me in the past.

Good Luck.

Surely a foto of the screen will just show you dialed the numbers, not that it connected?

Your itemised bill will show number called and duration, it’s up to them to prove they called you back, that should do it

Good luck with the moody landlord though!

hmm, interesting, very interesting re man on camden high street - thanks for that one!

and yep wigetta - that’s what I want to prove - that I dialed the numbers - first time I left a message and that call will be on my itemised bill - then i kept calling but didn’t leave any further messages - what would have been the point, so these won’t be on my bill.

I would want to prove that I was a good little tenant and despite the bad repairman not actually visiting my flat (as was arranged) and only calling my phone once then switching his phone off, I kept trying - best endeavours and all that!

thanks v much though, all!

I got a badge, handcuffs, big ‘bobbies’ helmet… I am sworn in to the office of Police Constable and have powers of arrest.

And I got a telescopic baton similar to those used by Jedi Knights, hehe

What more do you need?

Plus, As paivi said… Theres cookies involved… never stand between a man and his cookie. LOL

Flick - I am available weekends, meet at the ace? let me know…