mobile phone probs

does anyone know what i can do.i have a phone from orange on a 18 month extended contract,i have been with orange for 8 years,but the problem is the phone keeps going into emergency service mode only,so i phone customer services (HA HA) thay run through the speel take battery out take sim out put back together and hey presto it works not a problem,but someone hasn’t told the phone that because as soon as my back is turned its back to emergency services again,well thats it i says put me through to diconections,now thay tell me we can give you a migration code but youwill have to pay 150 pounds to end the contract early w t f !!! surely there is somethig i can do folks

The problem is that your signal is very weak so only emergency calls are allowed. What you need to do is move house to a better signal area! It’s possible the phone isn’t as hefty at chucking out microwaves as your previous phones so you could try asking them for a replacement (different make) phone. Don’t know if that’ll get you anywhere but worth a try. Try your new sim in your old phone for a little while and see if it works - if it does then it’s the phone that’s the problem so you’ll be able to talk to Customer Disservices (if you can get through) and explain that to them.

Seriously though, I sympathise. Used to be with Orange and thought they were great. Moved to Vodafone, moved back to Orange only to find they’re pants now. Next stop, O2.

err - Claim that you had lost your phone and get a new one through the insurance!!Latest model should be with you monday!!