Mobile phone display for motorcycles

 Hey guys, check this out

Having satnav in that upfront position is a good thing. As long as that windshield won’t cost more than actual satnav :D Notifications will be huge distraction and potentially very dangerous.  

I thought that was a April fools thing!

Dangerous methinks

that looks like a great concept, all of the media is based in the city though. in an unlit country lane at night, having that much light in your face is going to seriously screw up your vision ahead

With you dcbr Irresponsible and dangerous

Good news is that we’ll all be able to keep up to date with LondonBikers while on the move … now where did I put that Bluetooth Keypad … it’ll look great on the fuel tank !!!

It’s only a concept fortunately, and 80% think it’s a LOB

Hands on the handlebars and no more MS60’s from Wiltshire’s finest!

Or maybe not