Mobile motorbike speed-camera?

I was out cycling the other day and I had to double take, I saw a really strange motorbike. At first I thought it was the police due to a high-vis, then I realised that’s no police-bike!

It was really strange it had on the front of it a speed-camera sign like this:

There were also several other speed-camera stickers stuck all over it too. It didn’t quite look entirely right, it just didn’t look that official in a weird way, like as if someone was taking the piss or something, but at the same time I had this odd feeling that perhaps it WAS. This wasn’t in London, it was in Droitwich Spa. There was nothing else on the bike except it was pretty much brand-new silver Honda VFR1200.

I think they belong to the Safety Camera Partnerships to raise awareness of speeding cameras

Raise awareness of speed cameras?

Is there anyone driving around out there who isn’t aware of speed cameras - they are bright yellow, signposted for miles around and they flash to say hello.

Possibly a mobile DVLC camera mounted on a bike to do an ANR checks for un taxed and uninsured vehicles…

They use vans already for this…

You really have to watch out for speeding camera’s, could do some damage if you were hit by one! haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I love how they call them safety cameras for years now but everybody calls them speed cameras

PR failure

Cute! some of them have personalised registrations!

Who pays for that then???:crazy:

And again… for Insurance and Licence Disc dodgers…NOT speed!

That first pic you posted ross looks almost exactly like the motorbike I saw, except obviously a van.

Anything like that?

Is this some sort of initative then, that the police cant just hide in a layby and point hairdryers at you…

…they have to post speed camera signs up as a warning???

Sounds good to me - if static speed cameras have to be obvious then why not mobile plod units?