Mobile Mechanic - anyone heard of "Quick Service"?

Hi all. Was on Green Lanes just south of A406 recently and saw a white van with motorcycle livery all over - looked like a mobile motorcycle rescue/mechanic company. Has anyone heard of them - and if I had got the name correct - has anyone tried them?

Saw a mate use one once . He needed a tyre and chain sprocket kit fitted outside a flat in Putney . 5 hours it took him to change them using a manual tyre machine etc . It was not cheap and was not quick and was not as convenient as it was made out in the advert .

Yep, they are not cheap… I used to use one because of work times and because I was lazy but it wasn’t as cheap, they charge you per mile also to get to you then service cost. This guy was fast with the service but cost wise… pretty much same as a garage.

Advantage is that you can stay with him, see what he does and even learn something. I know I did… so it may be worth doing it once or twice to see what he does then do it yourself:)

Nope but I would never let a random work on my bike

Doesn’t Adz on here do something similar? i’ve never used him myself but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen positive reviews in the praise section.

He prefers to pick your bike up and work on it in his garage.

Yup i do, i do a fair bit of on site work but as Daniel say’s i prefer the comfort of my workshop :slight_smile: even if i have to spend two hours driving. i don’t charge by the mile, just a flat fee and i don’t charge at all on major servicing work, after all if your forking out 200 quid plus the least i can do its pick it up and drop it off…