Mobile Maintenance

I have a few things that need doing to my bike, right now I have a bad back and I’d prefer not to be attempting them myself (I’m not that much of a tinkerer anyway) so I’m wondering if there are any kind of mobile bike mechanics I can call on?

I need -

Chain adjustment

Belly pan replacing

Heat Grips fitting.

Now, I do need to get myself booked for a service, maybe I just wait and have them done then? The heated grips would be great to have done sooner rather than later and the chain is looking rather slack to me so I want it done ASAP really.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

hi mate i can sort this stuff out for you.

i work in a bike shop in vauxahall 3 days a week and im free 2 days.

have a van so can come to you or pick your bike up.

i also to servicing.

search the praise or shame for Adz and you will fined some posts :slight_smile:

im charging 25 quid and hour plus parts :slight_smile:

drop me a PM with your number if you want me to do the work for you, iv got another LB’ers bike tomorrow but im free after that.