Mobile Disco / PA system Speakers and Amps package for urgent sale

I am moving to Australia and need to sell the bulky items I have used for my mobile disco buisness.

I am selling as a unit so below is the details and descriptions. I have recently sold some things to Wee Frenchie so she can vouch for me being truthful and trust worthy.


Numark Dimension 3 with manual

American Audio VLP 1000

In hard carry case with front and back covers - daisy chained with power cables


2* NJD 300 watt 15" full range speakers (600watt at 4 ohms) a little tatty but brilliant sound that really carries in room of up to 500 people

2* Class D 400 watt 15" bass bins, Felt covered - very good condition

2* speaker poles

4* speaker wires

This is worth over £1000 new and will sell for £450.

I live in Bromley/Orpington area and can do local drop offs if you buy them. You can come round and inspect if you like.

I also have £500 woth of lights that I will sell for £150 if you buy the speakers.

Please PM if you or someone you know is interested.