London bikerdness…:rolleyes:


That looks fecking awful dude.

Is this your attempt at “wrapping” :w00t:

Is that not where the vent is? Numb-nuts!

Ita fuuckin rustic in it…and the vent is missing :smiley:

looks alright…

I cant tell what im looking at…

(using a projector and the sun is bright so my contrast is poor)

I cant quite see it either, have you plastered it over your helmet ? (bike helmet) Whatever, its shite :smiley:

LB sticker on helmet:

er are these now available???

If so I’m gonna get my order in.!

me groovy has the new lb logo sticker? surely it means nothing if the logo on the site hasn’t changed, dear oh dear, bunch of amateurs running this site :D;)

you need a finger in your bottom

Are the stickers for holding crappy old helmets together ?

Looks like Stevie Wonder’s job.:cool:

I resent that, mine’s a crappy new helmet!

Must be the safest thread that i have ever come across with the combinaton of Smiled , helmet , Sticky stuff …

WTF has happened to Shane !!!

He was probably just waiting for a little encouragement, not that he ever needed it before :w00t: