Mmmm new brakes

I blame Leon for showing me this mod because it then had to be done.

R1 monoblocks from 04-07 with 2.5mm spacers from custom spacers. They have bled up much better than the tokico calipers which always have abit of give in them (maybe the seals need doing). Doubt I’ll notice much difference but they look alot better.

The Tokico brake system is a but [email protected] but its normally resolved with braided line.

But they don’t look like those ^^^

mmmmm yammy calipers always look lovely

Very true! They probably don’t stop as well either.

They look shite. :smiley:

Yiur buying me a set of AP brakes and I’ll fit them

Thanks your so nice :slight_smile:

On a serious point, you could paint the spacers black?

Nope I’ll leave them silver

Are they the same calipers as on the r6?

I believe so