Mitsubuishi pajero for sale

I want around £325 for this, its still about £500 if you went and bought neweverything is there to run, all you need is two stroke (i may have some) and 8 AA batteries for the control, its 26cc petrol has a few battle scars on the body shell and the plastic Tub round the chassis, front disc brakes starts 2nd time everytime its very fast and fun and has many new parts, Been debating for a while to sell it I reluctantley have decided too :frowning: PM me if you want any more details, i live near Heathrow if you wanna pick it up or i could possibly meet you some place

Its 1/5 scale and weighs 10 kilos without fuel, i must stress its not a toy

I took this out a few weeks ago and run it for about 2 hours pretty much non stop it didnt miss a trick no cutting out or running rough, unlike nitro’s.

Good tool if your a paedophile 10 mins after starting this you will have every kid in a 5 mile radius standing next to…








wicked! i used to have the monster beetle!!! until i broke it :frowning: but these are a hell of alot of fun!! perfect christmas present!!!