Mitsubishi Space Star 1.8 GDi auto

ok, after a long hard think I’ve decided I’m going to sell my car after sitting there for a month (as was untax’d) and did not really use it I cannot really live with paying the amount I do for it without using the details are as follows.

Mitsu Space Star
1.8 GDi (petrol)
4 speed tiptronic auto
Electric windows all round
Electric mirrors
Air con
Central Locking
41K miles (with old mot’s to prove)
Some service stamps
is tax’d for about another 5 months
MoT’d for about 3-4 months (need to confirm though) cannot see why it would not pass again though

bad bits,
Body work has seen better days, but then I took it like this, seats could do with a clean, but found out last night the all unzip and come away (good thinking mitsubishi)…

engine wise no problems I know of but the airbag light is on, I know these cars usually suffer a relay failure on the airbag I will try and found out what the problem is before sale but no promises.

However I have taken all the above into account on the price now to LB’ers I will take £1300 no offers (it is up for £1500 elsewhere) I have seen this model same milage for nearly £2k in auto trader so i’m nore that covering what is wrong with the car I think…

PM for more details (pic is of similar car mine is blue/purple)