Mitcham Triker...

Hello hello… Bazza here saying hello… Used to ride allsorts of bikes from 50cc-1135cc… but have to use a trike now…got a Rover V8 trike and a Nissan micra trike…

Will be going to Boxhill for the London Unity charity ride…

Heres me posing…


_Monster Inc..jpg

Hi Bazza, welcome to LB

Sorry cant see the pics either

Can see the one of the trike now

Welcome! Nice Trike

Hiya…changed it to a BMP…

Ive posted a link to a video in the video/picture section…


welcome to lb

Hi Bazza and welcome to LB

Nice wheels mate

Hiya and welcome to LB… all i can say about your trike is WOW!!! very nice

Welcome to LB

Trike looks & sounds wicked

Im still catching up with all that goes on here…Does anyone meet up anywhere for a beer n a chat or a run…? I havent been up to the ‘Market meet’ on wednesday yet…any good…?

Anyone going to this on saturday…? --> I’ll be leaving Mitcham about 10/10.30 and staying there till 5/6ish…



Nice trike mate, very powerful engine I suppose. Streatham guy here. Welcome to LB.

Cool Trike mate I enjoyed the video!!

Cheers for the welcome everyone… I used to have allsorts of bikes… The last bike I had was an '03 Yammy TDM900, before that I had a '99 Suzi GSXR750… (streetfightered) Im a BIG Suzuki fan…Im into Rats and Survival bikes too… Heres 2 pages of a mad Turbo GSX1135 Rat I built over 10 years ago now… Hoping to build a 3 wheel version of that, this winter coming…


Welcome to LB Bazza

Well…I just got back in…Good day. Sun kept popping out, no rain… Friendly bunch of people…good collection of bikes to drool over… Good blat down the M4. Will post some pics I took later


hi and welcome

Just joined ‘photobucket’ for free and can now link pics…

Has that worked…?