Mission Accopmlished!!!

For all you doubting thomas,s out there, i made it in one piece with all my luggage and the bike still running :smiley: :D. The ride down was fab, took loads of detours around gorgeous twisty roads, the mountains in the south were just incredible,stunning gentle bends, massive cliff drops and sharp hairpins that scared me sh**less! :w00t: :w00t:

Still got chicken strips but they are only little and i appear to have learnt to turn left as at least they are now even on both sides :hehe:

Spent some time in a small italian village where i got a personal one to one 4 hour tour of the area by the mayor (he spoke no English - eek!) and drank all night for free in one of the bars :P.

Have arrived in Livorno and it appears that there are currently no kids classes for me (:):):)), but am infact teaching at an italian military school in pisa and taking a class of italian builders - rough and ready, all male, in uniform and italian - beats teaching kids i reckon :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one, I wish I could make such a trip one day.

Re chicken strips, always remember that at least you know you;re in the comfort of not being at the maximum lean angle and there’s more for when you need it.

Excellent, sounds like you are having a great time :smiley: Ruff n ready Italian builders you say? :w00t: eep! Men in uniform? Sounds like heaven.

Congrats on making it. Hope you have a great time. Ride safe and lets hear all about it when you make it back, safe and sound.


Well done lass, did you get lost much on the way? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun down there, and don’t be a stranger :slight_smile:

Great to hear from you, glad you enjoyed the journey, sounds perfect ! :slight_smile:

Fantastic Alice! I bet that’s one journey that will be with you for life!

Do you have any photos?

Glad to hear you made it safely and had fun getting there.

We expect to hear regular updates from the LB outpost in Italy! :wink:

Well done that girl!:cool:

Good to hear you are there safe and sound, it sounds like a bit of a jolly rather than a job to me;)

Joking aside, we all knew you would do it. When it comes to balls, this girls got some;)

Please don’t tell me you forgot your camera;):smiley:

Free beer all day? Does Ginger get his 5 euros back then?;):smiley:

Take it easy and enjoy the sunshine.

Not one bit jealous:satisfied:

Chunks x


Congrats hun, glad to hear you made it ok. So, when’s best to come visit? :stuck_out_tongue:

Top girl.Never had a doubt;)Envious,never.Living in Tuscany near the sea ,pah!!! not a patch on dear old blighty.See you when you return:D

glad you made it there in one peice,

it only took you nine day and you said you had ten to do it in

so when the party that weve been invited to :laugh:

well done love! sounds like a grand trip!! get plenty of piccies!:slight_smile:

I’ve got a uniform! Do you?!? lol!


So when are you coming back to visit ? :stuck_out_tongue:


We wanna go out there first;)

I’ve got me Ryanair page up and credit card in hand:cool:£0.01p +tax each way = £22.74 return… interesting;)

well what you waiting for book a ticket:laugh:i have already booked mine for the next flight over there (i wish)we should go over for holiday