Missing the DRZ (Pic)

It’s still in two hundred pieces on the dining room table. Waiting to sniff out a flywheel puller, though that’s only part of my troubles, I have to diagnose the gearbox problem first, and if I can fix it, be able to put it all back together. I might just get a new engine if possible, urgh.

Used to have such a good time on it, just thought I would reminisce!

(Empty, private roads, the joys of weekend work)



Nice pic.

Was that you coming road the corner onto Kew Road this morning. I was waiting at the lights and you looked like you were having fun.

when its hot like it has been i miss jumping on my old drz and just blatting around!


___Picture 003.jpg

Yes Johnny! I caught the eyes of a biker, I thought he was on a KTM, was that you? I didn’t have time to take it in properly though, gave a half-gesture and went on my way! I was having fun, yes! I only go two miles to work each day, so have try and spice things up a little. Hardly enough time to warm the engine, so I just play with cold tyres, hehe.