Missing the BCR!! :'''(

Just thought I would share my sorrow :frowning:

Missing all those fun rideouts and all my biker buddies.

I will have to get out and find some good lanes- but a 125 is even more out of place here.

How is life back there? Glad to hear you’re missing the BCR:D I’m sure the BCR Grand daddy Sneaky will be along later to add his wise thoughts!!:stuck_out_tongue:

We miss you too mate :frowning:

Maybe if/when you get sick of all that sunshine … you’ll realised you were meant to be in dreary old London Town all along :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell David that he is still more than welcome to login to LB and gush about how much he misses us all too :smiley: :laugh: :smiley:

Big love to you both :kiss:

Hey darlin! Long time no hear? The BCR is missing you too sweet-lips, I haven’t been out on the ride myself, time, weather etc. Still, the New Year is hear and the weather will soon warm up. I miss seeing you looking all sexy out on the lanes. Anyway, thats enough about you Broady!

How are you Stargirl? The BCR is mis’sin you too!:kiss:



Thats enough of that, you’ll get the thread moved to the Adult Forum!:smiley:


If you are interested, when everything I have is uploaded I’ll PM you guys all the links to the pictures (and maybe videos) on my FB page.

Mr C, you really need to get FB- soooo many photos of you on there!

AND- what nice sunny weather? Much harder to get over London when the weather hasn’t changed! Only maybe experienced 2 days of proper summer while I have been home- lucky I had a summer in Europe! It has just been raining mostly- and on the nice sunny days- I have been inside painting walls and missed it all! At least riding in the rain doesn’t bother me all to much- I had lots of experience in the UK.

Looking at upgrading to a new bike…lol…but the first thing that I have fit on so far is a Ninja 250 :smiley:

awwwwwwwwww … miss you too little monkey …


Owh :frowning: We miss you too.

Come back to the snow and rain, who needs sunshine in Oz? :Whistling: :smiley: Plus I need another 125 to ride with now Gem, Dev and soon to be Mr-C are on big bikes!