Missing Spacer

I put my bike in for a service. They say there is a missing spacer and that it is ‘not safe’ without it.

Why is this?


It would depend what spacer it is your bike has loads of them , some critical some not . I will assume as its unsafe it most likley a wheel spacer . It stops your wheel sliding around on the spindle and without it going in a straight line can be difficult ,corners even worse, dependiing on size of spacer missing relates to severity of effect .

yeah wot spacer is it?

Yes, it is a wheel spacer. I bought it from a Yamaha dealership and got serviced there with no work done inbetween. So when they started using the word ‘unsafe’ I pointed out that they sold it to me unsafe and therefore I’ve been riding around for 18 months with an unsafe bike. Not happy.

Apart from that I asked them to fix a slow leak in the tyre and they ‘forgot’. So not inspiring a huge amount of confidence.

Which dealer?

good point if you bought it from them, should be down to them.

also wots not to say they have misplaced said spacer, did you notice anything wrong with wheel b4?