Missing In ACTION

Hey fresh in from the field Ginger has gone down behind enemy lines and is missing in action

where is the old fella

well i think he has finally found out what his old fella is for…

and he is probably going down on summin but it wont be enemy lines

all hail the ginger… probabaly in the lovenasium as we speak, fair play to him


ok flats ginge norris do yah stuff mate

aaaahhh bless…that is the bestest picture from the whole BCW weekend

aint life grand

i reckon ginger norris is dug in deep in some fox hole keeping his head down. bless him

oh god all we heard yesterday was about his new love life!!!, aww bless, lb seems to be the meeting place for peeps at the mo!!

im off then !!!

nope he’s panic over ive found him

its say’s he drained at 8oz


Well done mate, get in there ginja!!!

I was quite happy with that picture Hope Ginger is enjoying himself…

Wahey the Ginga!
Question is…does this mean a bike upgrade…or is he saving up for a HOT DATE?!

possible a bike up grade but im aslo saving up on a ring for her

might possible pop the question

wait vish relashunship isj not ready yet…

F*ck off ginge pop the question??? i do hope you mean ask her to come to Northolt

what does the top line ready my old matey

please enlighten me

shes already been to northolt last wednesday

and i have been with her for 1 week and 2 days

you never seen a Grolsch advert???

1 week and two days, does not equal marrige ginger… but then who am i to give advice thats like asking ian huntley about child care!!!

and with a mended two times over patched up heart, and a string of girlfriends that cast me a side like half drunk can coke thrown from a moving car used to intially quench a needed thirst, only then to realise that there priamry need had been satisfied and the remaing was no longer needed, so easily discarded without the thought of consiquence to the can or pavement it landed on…

I think Flats is in need of an LB group hug…

[group hug]

LF x

You know i lov ya Flats

I don’t know what I’m more shocked about…

Ginger’s sprint for the Aisle


LB now seems to have its very own Poet Laureate - Flatout…

Glad to hear things are going well for you Ginge!

And Flats! One day some woman is going to drink all of that can of coke and keep the can as a souvenir!

ah see flats you have an admirer