Missing Crash Bung


Now this is a strange one.
So I was on the phone to my mate at lunch (also a biker), and he was telling me how he got to work and noticed that one of his crash bungs was missing.
As im on the phone to him, im looking at my bike and notice exactly the same thing on my bike!!

Now, there are pricks who keep moving bikes around in the bay that I park in, but surely it wouldnt have just snapped off? Isnt it more likely that someone has actually stolen it, and if so why didnt they take the other side too?
Bung1 bung2


What bike? Frank had problems with his Panagale vibrating the crash bungs loose.


Its an Yamaha MT-07.
You think vibration? I have an akropovic fitted…


It’s a twin, so it is a possibility. Did you use thread lock on the bolts?


If it wasn’t threadlocked it could easily have vibrated it’s way loose. I had one that didn’t come off but turned itself through 180 degrees all by itself.


But from the pictures, it looks like there is a bolt at the end, no?
If it came loose, there wouldnt be anything there, but a hole?


Vibrating loose is possible. It’s also possible someone has stolen it. My other half has had her scooter’s mirrors stolen - god knows how little they’d fetch on eBay but some scrote thought they were worth pinching.


At the bike safe event the police told us that scrotes steal parts and panels that they’ve damaged on their own bikes after throwing them down the road. So they were probably stolen for a young scrotes actual bike not to sell.


But from my picture, doesnt it look like part of the bolt remains? Or do you think that is where it screws in?
Im going to take the opposite side off tonight when I am home, and see what it looks like.

It is quite busy where the bike is parked up and we have security on the door (who know me and my bike), so id be surprised if it was stolen…more likely snapped off.


So I thought I would let you guys know my findings…
Almost certainly vibration caused the bung to spin off. Bought a new set, and the new bolt screwed straight in, so defo wasnt sheared off.

Moral of the story is check that they havent come loose on a regular basis, and try and get them as tight as possible.


and a drop of threadlock.


Loctite 270 is a godsend on bike parts


Yep, someone else told me this.
Will be purchasing at the weekend.