Missed Opportunity

Could have raised a fortune for Air Ambulance (or a host of other worthy causes) by setting up a raffle with the lucky winner being given the opportunity to fire the taser !

Stand in line…behind me.:smiley:

BTW in case you’re wondering why my enthusiasm for the above story, search for the guy’s name and ‘speed cameras’ on google…

He is one chap who should be permanently wired to a tazer and his own force given free range to zap him.

They shouldn’t have held him up - as if being tazered isn’t enough it must hurt falling to the ground with no way to break the fall!

Did you see the video?

Oh hang on,I just re-read the article.

I watched a video where someone got shot with it and wasn’t held up…I don’t know who it was then.

They did that on an old episode of Jackass, Johnny Knoxville didn’t look like he was having much fun !:pinch:

Ahh yes Mr Brunstrom…how long before he advocates the use of tazers and stingers to catch speeding motorcyclist’s?!? :frowning:


ohh yea smiled:D.