Miss Gift

Just got this to my email address :doze:

seems you’ve been hacked already :laugh:


My name is miss.gift i saw your profile todayat(londonbikers.com) and became intrested in you,i will also like to know youmore,and i want you to send an email to my email address so that i can give youmy pictures, for you to know whom i am.Here is my emailaddress( [email protected] )


Hmmm LB isn’t selling stuff to spammers is it?

:frowning: me too, looks like its directly to my email address from [email protected]

Feature of the new site?

Either LB are selling data to spammers or this site has been exploited in some way - if this forum is an installtion of a well known piece of forum software there may be gaping security holes that spammers are waiting to exploit.

me too, just got the same one from lovebabysankara… is cynthia back ? lol

I got it too, what kind of pictures do you think she’ll send?

We got it too.

I’m not feeling loved today, didn’t get any of this sankara :frowning:

You will. There are several odd “new people” right now looking at the member list, user profiles, & sending emails. It’s only a matter of time.

I got it, you mean it wasn’t just me she sent it to? I was all excited and all…boo!

Yeah the new board has turned on the “allow other users to send you emails” ‘feature’ which is why they are so desperate for a reply, cause that is the way they get your email address.

Untick the box and they can’t spam you.

Box is in My Profile, down near the bottom, on the left hand side, “Email Settings” then the box is the first one.

no email either

Also CheekyChick said can you take the apostrophe from the word ‘email’s’ as a plural doesn’t have an apostrophe.

For the record, she noticed it before I did, bloody trilingual people!

/edit: starting to lose count how often the entered text gets lost in the ethernet
box still unticked, so no love

i got it too.

I want to still receive emails from members as sometimes this is the only option they have, so ticking the box not to allow fooks that one up.

Jay get a spam filter working asap, please :slight_smile:

God you lot are quick to jump to conclusions :slight_smile:

No we haven’t been hacked and no we don’t sell details.

The person signed up and used the on-site email-a-member feature to send you that. That feature has been there for years! Your details have not been given to anyone, especially not this person in question.

They’ve since been banned as we obviously don’t want that sort of thing here.

The anti-spam features are not, and will never be fool-proof. Some do slip through the net. Though we will look to see if we can prevent this sort of thing right now.

As ever, please do post up if you get anything like this again and we’ll jump on it.

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