Miss Beauty UK

Just got an email from and ex asking for me to vote for her on this ‘Miss Beauty UK’ site. :wink:

Here is her link, if you think she is worthy of a vote…

These are not the best pictures of her but she is British born mix of Japanese and Chinese.

Please text ‘BEAUTY 386’ to 60040 and don’t forget the space between beauty and 386.
Some of you may have work phones like mine so a text won’t be a problem.


If not then please leave your comments to another thread and not here…

P.S. I have been advised that its 50p per text

Not wanting to poo-poo your post fella, but there’s no terms & conditions associated with that text submission request on their website, which makes me suspicious. I think there’s a legal obligation to provide some as it’s all too easy to be subscribed to never-ending and expensive services like this. I’m not saying that is the case, but I’ve had it happen to friends and it is an absolutely mammoth task to get removed from them and for that reason would be careful.

good thinking jay…and phantom…who dumped who?


Ha ha – I thought exactly the same (but was too polite to ask!) :wink:

Its no bother at all, don’t do it if you dont want to…

I did as I have a business phone so I don’t mind…

We broke up a couple of years ago, she was quite an interesting lady, 1st date she tells me she used to work as a hostess at Spearmint Rhino… I thought… Game on!! :wink:

Anyway she is the asian one on the link that I have posted, with 3 pics…

is she pre or post op:D

Mate she could suck you dry! :wink:

I have never seen better pear shaped breasts with a tight peachy ass!!

a mouth’s a mouth mate;)

really? So will ‘smiled’ do for you? :stuck_out_tongue:

he’d choke me to death:w00t:

Why because he’s a hairy bastard! He he he!

did’nt you eve’a see the thread he started a while back:w00t: i know why he’s called smiled:hehe:

I must have missed that one… :smiley:

hmmm well this could be a new money making business… make a site called uk’s next top model, get 1000’s of women to log on and put their details and people to SMS in and vote. From what I see there is nothing on the site about keeping personal details secured, nothing about the cost of the SMS, so by all I know they can make millions, give one girl £25k give her a contract which she can get on her own since she can go to any agency register and stay on their databse and get work if people like her…

The whole thing could be a nicely engineered money making scam:)

Honestly not sure I would bother tetxing unless it was my missus or someone I knew and though they desrved to win for all the right reasons. Just had a look at the contestants and I would go bankcrup SMSing for all of them lol…

One click away on the ‘terms and conditions’ and you find this? Would you believe that?!?!?!? :w00t:

Guys you are officially a bunch of cynical cnuts :D:P;)

She’s got nice legs! Don’t you just hate looking from afar at what you once held so close?