Misconceptions about bikers

well theres a misconception…not all female bike riders want to look at male strippers…LOL

It doesn’t answer the original quisetion, but I think a good thing to point out is that bikers come from all walks of life, so in reality bikers reflect the full range of the society they are drawn from.

OK, OK, don’t get your dungarees in a twist !!

the only male i wanna see stripping is the old man doing the back bedroom when he gets home from sea thank you

Tis true - which allways pisses me off when I see another article…

Shock Horror! Famous Rich Celebrity Rides a Motorcycle!!!

I seem to see this in the mail/express about once every 3 months - the posher the celeb the bigger the shock…

I would have thought that wallpaper stripping will be the last thing on his mind when he gets home!!!

LOL…it was an analogy!!!..im gonna be flat on me back for a month…so* the wallpaper

LOL. Love the part where the cagers run to the nearest cop shop and tell tem about the biker who tried to get their car door open!

Haveto agree with Adam M it is all true

IMO the film The Lost Boys sums up bikers…

I sometimes look at myself in the mirror and get all scared- but then I get changed and its all ok again