Misconceptions about bikers

hey hey all

im doing some research for a project and i was wonding if the good folks here could list out what they think are common misconceptions from ye non-biking world about the motorcycling community,
things like (and im speaking pretty broadly)

that girls dont ride bikes
all sports bike riders are villanous speeders
we only filter through traffic to piss off other car drivers

this is not an excuse to go into a bitch fest about whatever and please dont take any of them personally,i just need to complie a list of what non bikers think about us, and what bikers think non bikers think abaout us LOL,

that girls dont ride bikes - the mass population is guys but there are lot of women who ride motorbikes.

all sports bike riders are villanous speeders - not always

we only filter through traffic to piss off other car drivers - i dont want to sit in traffic do u?? Filtering is legal and i was given a minor on my mcycle test for hesitation to filter when there was trafic

i agree with anil, especially in Germany, its about 50/50.

but about sportsbike riders, yes they are speeders, or they a beginner and haven’t opened her up yet. time is the essence.

Filtering?.. thats what bikes were invented for.

LB has one of the highest female memberships that I’ve seen in any biking community, we’re really lucky. I was going to speak to the girls to see how we could better accomodate them and see about attracting more women.

Yeah any tips on attracting more women is always appreciated…

You old dog Jay, wanna attract more women! I am sure you mean the site and of course not you personally

well at the moment as I’m still on L’s I find that cagers have no respect for us, if they pull out on me it is always my fault for not looking where I’m going(this has actually happened)…

Sports bikes, well disagree, I have seen plenty just poodling along I have also seen a new R6 and an R1 being ridden by boys of about 50-60…

Ya perv! lol

See http://londonbikers.com/forums/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=35&MessageID=115267

Also ( though dying out now thanks to lots of Daily Mail articles about rich superstar people who happen to have a bike ( would you believe it??) Namely - You are too poor to afford a car .

You live in a filthy commune and throw wild parties where you torture cats and throw axes about.

You have dirty habits and your grotty dwelling is kbnee deep in chip papers and pizza boxes and smells of piss

You never wash

You take drugs

You life is cheap - thats why you take risks

You are the opposite to ‘Short back and sides, clean and a nice suit’

You reject ‘suburban values’ and can’t afford to live in a nice house

You are rude, boorish with criminal tendancies

Motorcyling is dangerous - if you don’t realise that you must be a bit ‘thick’

You are working class.

Is that enough?

Common misconceptions I’ve encountered.

  1. Biking is lethal - nahm, I’m still here and I drive like a tit sometimes.
  2. Biking is cold and miserable - only if you’re cheap and buy crap clothing
  3. Bikers are smelly - well actually this one has some merit, but I wash regularly.
  4. Bikers are dirty. - Nope, When taken engines apart yes, but otherwise as clean as everyone else.
  5. Bikers are poor - Nope, they cost a fortune to look after like anything else
  6. Bikers are stupid speed freaks - nope, just a few like car drivers.
  7. Bikers have no consideration for anyone on the road but themselves - Nope, some of THE most considerate people I have ever met are bikers, and without the bike-linkk, I probably would never have bumped into them.

That’s my lot, some misconceptions aren’;t actually as misconceived as we’d like to hope, we can be dangerous, and it can be dangerous to ride, we can be smelly, and there are some poor bikers, misconceptions are stereotypes, ignore them in general.

bless your heart

"bless your heart "


Well, took my baby in for a service this morning and took the bus to work. Pretty packed (and so slow), I was the only person willing to give up her seat for a pregnant lady, she did look pretty shocked when I asked her (maybe kneepads, Sidi boots and leather jackets made me look a bit overdressed for the bus?) if she wanted to sit down. Everybody else kept their head down and pretended they didn’t see her, I think I was verywell behaved and one up for us.

Common misconceptions:
Bikers are mean and ready to fight at the smallest hint of agression - try and get a drivers attention to tell them their coat is caught in the door, or the door isn’t closed properly, etc they will either try to ignore you, or speed off and head for the nearest police station.
Bikers are inconsiderate/impolite (because we filter, have loud exhausts, won’t take our helmets off at the services, etc)
Bikers are lawless - why else would we fit smaller plates… ride above the speed limit… etc

Bikers ride too fast and are dangerous which is why accidents are always their fault…

Bikes are dangerous probably the most common of all, The one we have all heard countless times…its bad drivers or riders that are dangerous, vehicles dont have a mind of their own

Bikers weave through traffic Short answer - yes , or we could stay in line taking up the space of a car? how much longer the traffic queues would be and how much longer it would take the car driver to get to his destination if we did that? So in fact we are doing them a favour …

Bikes are ridden by those who can’t afford cars and bikes are slow - yeah right , funny that, i know more people with two bikes or more than i do with more than one car …

OOOoooo…OOOoooo… can i have a go at this please…?

well i filter becouse (especilly on my older bike)…it cooks me alive, and i also believe that if anybody in a cage could squeeze threw the gaps i get threw…they would do so in a heartbeat…so no love lost there…lol

as for the misconception of all bikers being aggresive at the wiff of trouble…well to tell you the truth…ive only ever seen bikers really get the hump when their saftey or anybody elses for that matter is being challanged…ie…cagers using mobile phones while driving…cutting off bikers filtering suddenley…yadda…yadda…yadda…

all ya have to do is look in the galleries section of this site and look into the BCW weekend…and you’ll see what fantastic ppl i have the great pleasure to call my buddies…im so proud of them all…

happy smiled.

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Re misconceptions, I dunno if it’s just me or not (probably) but when people find out you’re a lady biker they either assume you wear dungarees and comfortable shoes or get all of a dither about you wearing leathers

ermmm its all true…