mirror mirror...

very happy with my new z750 ('05 plate) except when i try to look at what is behind me. the mirrors are utter trout, not only a bit ugly but also show nothing but my leather clad elbows… i’ve been searching t’internet high and low for some replacements but cannot really find much i like, the only ones being these:


they look ok (in black), though £90 for a pair and i have no idea if they will improve vision.

does anyone have any good tips for mirror buying, are they any websites worth checking out?

Thought about bar end mirrors?

i’ve always assumed they are an extra hinderance when filtering, which i seem to spend 90% of my riding life doing…

Depends how you have them fitted. I’ve seen them so they do not extend beyond the handle or do extend too far.

I had the same problem with my '08 Z750, could only see my arms in the mirrors!

I purchased the mirror extensions from Kawasaki, works a treat!

As I recall, MandP do extenders for £ few.

Might be worth a check.

I get my new '08 Z750 next Friday. Cant wait…!

Same as you (?), orange. Was a bit unsure, but I thought the other colours just didnt do justice to the bike. Hey, I’ll pm you so as not to hijack this topic. Would love to see a larger pic of your bike. Looks from your avatar like you have added bits…

If you’re still looking then check out the mirrors off last years KTM Duke. I got some for my speed triple, only £25 the pair and far superior to the standard, they’re lower and wider.

I don’t know the thread size on yours, I had to faff about a bit as they’re left hand thread and I needed a couple of extra nuts, which can be hard to find.

My bike came with a couple of Triumph extenders which worked fine but looked stupid!

i’ve been reading on another forum that a lot of Z owners buy a pair of Tuono mirrors, which apparently fit straight on, are a lot nicer looking and actually let you see what is behind you. i think i might go down this route, though the aprilia dealer i called wants 30 quid per mirror which seems a bit steep…

ermax belly pan on order. need to decide if i can fit new indicators and tail tidy myself (is it tricky) and then work out whether or not some refelective red rim tape would be cool or daft…