Minor shunt

Hi guys, I know these type posts are a little boring to read sometimes, so I’ll keep it short.

Came up to a red light, slowly, stopped, car behind doesn’t crash into me more like crept into my back wheel.

Got her details and a copper as a witness for good measure. He ignored my missing number plate to her annoyance, but said he saw her shunt me and was very nice bloke.

Anyway, I cant see any obvious damage, bike seems to ride ok, but Im thinking I should get it checked out. Seems wrong that I have to pay to get it checked out. I was also a little concerned she may have touched the right exhaust pipe, but nothing to suggest its bent or anything. A gasket is blowing but that was already gone.

Any thoughts other than just leave it?

ps she was an absolute bitch!

def get it checked no doubt about it…

Get it checked and send her the bill

I got rear ended by a traffic warden last year. I started on her, she started on me and then 6 more of the buggers jumped out the wagon.

Get it checked out by a garage. Explain to them what happened and they will sort you out, fix the gasket leak and any other minor bits and pieces that might need looking at as well. In my view, if people can’t be polite when they are clearly in the wrong then you should take them for all their worth.

I know people will say that this is the reason insurance premiums keep going up, but they will always go up so you’ve got to make hay while the sun shines!

Few years back when I was on a scooter, I parked up in soho round the back of work. one of the guys that worked out the back saw a car reverse into the front wheel of my scooter (which already had a cracked mudguard). He parked up but was gone when I finished work. It turned out he was the manager of the restaurant next door. Fortunately there was a work cctv camera covering the area so I printed off a few stills of him bumping my scooter and went round for a word with a quote from a garage for the mudguard. Long and short is that I got £120 out of him cos he didn’t want to go through the insurance. I don’t feel bad in the slightest cos if he had left a note on the bike saying what had happened I would have left it as there was already damage, but cos he buggered off he was fair game.

minor shunt is that what you called her

Telll her you suspect damage and ask her if she wants to go through her insurance.Emphasise that you don’t want to screw her and it might be minor so you are having it checked.Have it checked and send her a copy of bill.She should be relived that she is only paying £100 for a check up and not losing her NCB.If she refuses tell her your Solicitor is claiming it through her insurers ( and remind her you have a policeman as a witness just in case she thinks she can slip out of it )If she looses her NCB discount that could cost her thousands over the years so if she’s sensible she will pay you.BTW - did she look like she had a few bob - or was she a Waynetta Slob driving a knacked old d reg Ford Orion???

thanks for all comments.

Triang, she was driving a knackared motor

At the very least invite her to pay for the inspection. How daft can she be by mentioning the plate (or lack of!!!)…Officer it can’t be my fault that I drove into him he doesn’t have a number plate…