Minor Rant - To$$ers in BMW's

Fabulous ride in to work today, badly spoilt by a thoughtless retard in a silver BMW 3 series coupe 08 Reg. He was swerving all over the road trying to get past me on Whitehall towards Trafalgar Square and I was holding to 30mph and maintaining a safe road positioning for myself through the road works. He then swerves up and starts swearing at me at the red lights and gobbing off. Asked me if I was a policeman and was being generally unpleasant. I reminded him that as he drove a BMW that he was an a grade **** and that there was a clear 30mph speed limit down the road. Lights changed and I was around Trafalgar Square before he moved. Really got under my skin and I am actually seething. I can usually shrug these things off and move on, but I really want to find him and beat him to a pulp.

I find in situation like this to be very polite and call them Sir really scares them as they start thinking you are old bill:D

You should have just let him pass you and carried on with your journey. You probably would have overtaken him when he was stuck in traffic and then you would have a smug smile to yourself, you wouldn’t have been verbally abused and he’d feel a twat.

I personally hate being help up by other people on the road but that’s probably becuase I drive a BMW. They actually wont let you buy one unless you drive like a dickhead :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been tempted so many times to pinch V’s warrant card just so I could stuff it under the nose of any arse like this, but sadly I can’t :frowning:

I like the call them sir idea…it really works! Oh and haveing a warrant card (tho my colleagues are continously at pains to remind me that it is in fact a work card not a warrant card as i am only a plastic as apposed to a proper coppa :D) does help, especially on a rope around my neck so all i have to do is unip my jacket…they shut up right proper then…and if he is being a proper twat about it i call up old bill while im riding and give them all details…nothing better than seeing him get pulled for dangerous driving while he’s mouthing off.

A wnker hand gesture and a shake of the head as you pull away & dissapear into the distance is what psses off my non-bike riding mates the most about run ins with bikers so thats what I do when I find myself in your type of situation :smiley:

Let them pass and hope that Karma will get them :smiley: In the end your anger is more likely to put you in danger, they after all have a cage around them.

Incidentally, I’m very amused by the question “are you a copper or something?”… I’d have loved to have seen his face if the answer was ‘yes’, ‘& since you ask you can pull over and get your foul mouthed arse out of the car, as I’d like to discuss your manner of driving’.

just keep a note-pad under your jacket. when said car stops behind you, get off bike and take out pad and pen and proceed to question them. not illegal, you’re just taking basic details and confirming what his problem is. but they think they’re screwed :wink:

love that idea mr mo, they will start to crap it then