minimum age of Pillions in France

In UK, there is no minimum age- but does anyone know the restrictions if any or an agency which can verify- thanks in advance


heya ,
according to mag
as long as they can hold on and can reach the foot pegs it doesnt matter what age
it says in the table thing near the bottom

Fishface!Thanks ever so much for the ifind- my 6 year old shall ride!

Thanks again Vicky

Rod York

lol no worries ,
guess ill see u on the france trip then

Well done and well found that girl! Full marks. :slight_smile:

I am glad i read this post as my little lad(9)has been nagging me for ages to go on the hornet and i kept telling him he could’nt!!:w00t:

You haven’t got a rear seat :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same query a month back, since then my 5 year old niece has become a real bike lover. She makes me take her in to school now and then! And even knows how to bleed brakes!