Mini Motos to be crushed

Great story here from the BBC

surely the money would be better spent on providing safe areas for people to go and use em?

in N.I. there was a retail park that used to close off its carpark and the local lads used to set their own little track up and spend the entire evenings holding races!!

you could wear whatever but had to have a helmet! no nuisance on the roads or footpaths and also a lot safer??

Interesting read… I can see why they are a pain, but agree with Adam with spending the money in better ways and providing more safe areas to ride them…

I could be in trouble…


Haven’t read the article but there was something on BBC London News about this, and there are a couple of areas setup for people to use the bikes in safe conditions.

The Community spokes person they had on was basically saying they need more designated areas and that crushing the bikes isn’t really a long term solution. Also that the crushing is in part a way of avoiding criminalising the act, ie. we won’t give you a court appreance/community service/fine/time we’ll just take your bike.


PS. I’ve seem a kid (16-ish) on a mini moto riding down a busy high street including navigating Archway round-a-bout. F&@%ing nutter! At least he was wearing a lid, not that that would’ve help vs. a bus.

I think JB just proved Einsteins theory of relativity

Here’s another piece from the BBC today


video about getting them off the streets here

and finaly…