Mini Mo's Parisian success!

Huge applause for Matt for finishing the Paris Marathon in just 3h 16 min!

Another two weeks, and it’s the London Marathon. Luckily, then you can rest for about six months before the New York City Marathon.

You’re a nutter, Matt! But a fit one! Well done!

Awesome news, well done Matt/Mini-Mo! Do I have to do anything for the sponsorship cash? I can’t remember now. Hope to hear a report on how it went!

Blipping Hell!! wow almost blew the spikes off my mudguard!!! WELL DONE MiniMo

Thanks guys and gals

Walking a bit funny today I can tell you Hopefully have that sorted before Wednesday.

If not, do you want to ride side saddle on the Vespa?

LOL. Might well take you up on that

Thats an absolutely great time, it took me an hour longer than that to complete my first and probably last Marathon.

Thanks fella. You need to come train with me next time and you’ll be well under the big 4 Fancy Marathon Des Sables?

Train? Is that where I went wrong. I hardly did any and paid the price. Was on for 3.5 hours till the cramp set in at half way and I still had it when I got across the line, but, I didn’t give up. I can remember a great experience though. I found it really hard to get a decent rhythm in the London run, way too many people getting in the way.

I wish you all the best for London mate. For now, I shall stick to thrashing my bike round the race track, its less painful (usually).

Well done Mat, what a great time mate, well done

didn;t see this thread earlier but hey congrats mo…like everyone sez “good work”!! We got one called the “SUN RUN” here…tons of fun!