Mini Chopper/Harley up for grabs!

Hi All,

Got a mini Chopper/Harley up for grabs!

It has a 4stroke pull start engine, I think it’s a 110cc engine, it is quick though :smiley:

Sounds like a bloody Harley too!

Its is quite big though, will seat a adult comfortably

Basically, need the space so it needs to go.

Good for riding around the pits

The only thing that needs doing is the front wheel axle shaft needs to be cut to size, it will still run as it is now.

Pick up only unless u wanna ride it home :stuck_out_tongue:

£100 pick up Watford





not road legal is it?

Nah, i doubt it,TBH never thought abt it.

my grandaughters too small for that at 2 yrs old…shame would look good hooning round the park :D:D

Yup, won’t let kids on it, its bloody quick :smiley:
Might sell the Gixer and use this for TD’s:)