Mini adventure

Hi folks. I could do with some route advice for a little trip I’m taking tomorrow.

The fixed bit of the route is a stop at Medmenham early for a swim in the Thames with some mates then on to Hoarwithy (near Ross-on-Wye) to visit some other friends. After that I don’t know the roads.

I want to get from Hoarwithy to Porthmadog where I’ll camp the night. The A40 and A470 look about right but I don’t know South and mid-Wales.

Anyone know the area? Can you recommend a good route other than following the satnav direct?


There are only two roads to avoid in Wales the M4 and the A55, the rest is all good.


If you get chance turn off the a40 at Huntley and head through mitcheldean and head for monmouth along the A4136…yes its heading away from hereford BUT that missed section of a40 is frustrating if your not the lead vehicle :wink:

One of my favourite roads …

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