Mine and Steve's weekend away

so we decided to get a weekend away to sunny al brighton…

very nice pictures!! well done


obviously one of us is a wee bit more photogenic than the other…lol

Theres only one thing you can say to that ans its:-


Ha ha. That link made me laff!

Nice pics, Nice tats!

very nice pics looks like you had a great time :slight_smile:

Looks like you had a fab weekend :cool:

Lovely pic’s :smiley: … I could so do with a couple of days away !

cool pics! really happy for you!

oh lordy look at loves young dream, dear me, i see ya went in the old chav mobile!:smiley:


It’s nice when you can takes your mates out for the weekend. he he.:wink:

Steve you still got that **** clio… and you painted some of the interior trim bits blue:laugh::laugh::laugh: and nice to see you took your mates with you;)

Wicked photos! It’s nice to the ‘new’ camera being used.
And some Maracatu (the Afro-Brasilian drumming) by the beach!
Muito bom!

had a butchers at these pics at the weekend and they look really lovely :slight_smile:

wot u on about taking mates with ya?

did i miss something? :ermm:

needed a break away from you lot.lol

It was only one night though cause stace had to work :frowning:

plenty more weekends though :wink:

and leave my car outa it! gits :stuck_out_tongue:

The first thing that came to mind was “get a room!!!”, but it looks like you did!

And I know what you mean about photogenic, that seagull comes out beautifully. :wink:

Looks like the two of you have a fabulous weekend from the great pics.

See you down BM or the ACE in the near future.


to be fair, no one can complain, as the title was “mine and steves weekend away” so wot were you expecting to see?