Minding my manners

Er, quick apology to the Moderators,

think i’ve ruded in my last few postings…nothing really grotesque, but if Mummy Pc and Daddy conservative were to read of my less than censored mouthings then there may be trouble.

Anyone got any tequila…I’ll rinse my own mouth out, Queue bar nana! woo hoo

Good luck getting anything at cubanna - quicker to go round the off licence then quuuuuuueeeeeee in there.

Yup it will be Friday night when you get served and thats only if you start queing by Monday morning!

I bought 3 cokes last wed and it took me almost half an our…aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Young one’s I’m sensing the need for some training in the ways of the 4 stroke.

There are many skills in the ancient art of “the purchase of the drink”, but the skill many seem to forget is the 4 stroke within us all. Its in us, it sourrounds us and every now and then it spurts a fresh glob of boiling hot bloody oil all over us.

If you would wish to learn more, join the Pedal-one’s at the Queue-Bar-Nana tonight. If you successfully learn the skills of the Farce and manage to purchase liquids without resorting to the, Horse Head Nebula’s trick of “Stroppy glaring at bar staff”, the Planet Bogdonan trick of “waving cash” or the awfully low-brow vocalisatoin of the Alpha Centauri sand-people’s favourite phrase “Oi mate, over 'ere!” then you will be allowed to joins the Farces of the Rebllion and “Use the 4 stroke” for yourselves.

Heed the expertise of Council Member Boorooh as he acquires liquids aplenty.

Marvel at the cunning skill and style of GlachBarg Pundit CBF Mutt as he washes down “Cheeps and KayBub” with pints and pints of refreshment and yee shall learn.

May the 4-stroke be with you young Pedal One’s

Oh and I bet you didnt get a smile either.

Thats why I dont go anymore cause I will end up smashing one of em round the head with my lid if they kept ignoring me.