Mind Boggling!

Hello all,

For the first time ever i am having a bike cut out on me.

I initialy started up my engine this morning and thought “that sounded a bit weird” but to be honest it was 6am and i wasn’t going to start tinkering then!

Low and behold on my way to work it cut out about 6-7 times! It mainly happened when i was in first and slowing down to the lights or something. I thought it may have been me the first time but then it has happened so many times i know it aint me!

All the other electrics are working it just seems to be ‘low on revs’ or something as it wouldn’t sit idle at the lights. However, when slowing down i ended up holding the revs to around 2000rpm and it stayed on and didn’t cut out.

When i pulled up at work i turned it off and on and at first it coughed and spluttered and then came to life and seemed to have no problems sitting idle. (At this time the temp was about 104 degrees).

The only thing i have noticed is the bike’s oil is just below minimum which i will top up when/if i get home!

any ideas what could be causing this?

  • coils

  • spark plugs

once youve eliminated those two, then I will brainstorm more ideas :wink:

went on diagnostics last night and showed no errors. i was a little low on oil but that was it.

He mentioned that someone may have played with my ticking over speed which was causing it to cut out.

gutted that it was something so easy to figure out but hey ho - what can you do?

All this is normally rocket science to me!:w00t: But having owned an sv650 k6 i had similar problems. When taken to my local dealer, it was the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) that was playing up, a new one was fitted under warranty.

And guess what, I just got a nearly new 08 R1 with barely 2k miles on- Same problem!:w00t: This time the bike was out of warranty, but Yamaha have decided to fit a new TPS as a “goodwill gesture”

Do let us know when you find out what the problem was.