MiMe type, pic.

Wot the fvck is a MiMe type? when i try to attach a picture, jpeg i always get “sorry cant attach pic it is a MiMe type” only on the new site. dont think i had same prob b4.

Pics are jpegs and taken from all diff places, sites, camera etc.


Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) is an Internet Standard that extends the format of e-mail to support:

  • text in character sets other than US-ASCII;
  • non-text attachments;
  • multi-part message bodies; and
  • header information in non-ASCII character sets.

Virtually all human-written Internet e-mail and a fairly large proportion of automated e-mail is transmitted via SMTP in MIME format. Internet e-mail is so closely associated with the SMTP and MIME standards that it is sometimes called SMTP/MIME e-mail.

The content types defined by MIME standards are also of importance outside of e-mail, such as in communication protocols like HTTP for the World Wide Web. HTTP requires that data be transmitted in the context of e-mail-like messages, even though the data may not actually be e-mail.

MIME is specified in five RFCs : RFC 2045, RFC 2046, RFC 2047, RFC 2048 and RFC 2077.

Translated the site is ****ed, and no one can post pictures or avatars…

there must about 9 seperate threads on this now

Bit of an exagertion there Flats Most can post, some can’t. I’m trying as hard as I can to get a solution for the problem.

Ohhhhhh i posted a pic and i didnt undersatnd all that techie stuff

I don’t understand and of this stuff… can just about switch the laptop on

i am sooo confused, lol.

No probs j, just glad to hear i not the only 1.


John, try uploading it from a file host like www.photobucket.com

It worked for me

Nice to see Drei can add pics

Haha i been told a million times not to exaggerate, not having a dig jay… youve done a good job fella

Arrrrrrgh! another MiMe victim.

Your loss, you cant see Sonic naked

Debz and I tried Firefox at the beginning and it wont work for us. Quite a few others are still unable to post pics but hopefully it will soon be sorted.

Keep up the good work Jay