MIME error

Still cant post up pics… whats the crack???

Join the club mate

No idea mate, I’m still looking into it, but basically most people can, and you can’t. Maybe it’s the colour of your bike or something.

Btw Flats, whilst I’ve got you here, we’ve just got in small yellow reflective stickers. I can think of a place where you could stick some! See the stickers post/page.

Just a thought, how exactly are you chaps trying to ‘post pictures’? As in the hint under the ‘compose’ window or as attachments?

Same as always Jim - save it to my documents & then add an attachment. Have tried changing them from jpg to bmp. Have downloaded firefox to see if that helped.

Not too clever with computers but neither my computer at home or work will allow me to post pics now - says ‘mime error’

I’ve got the same

Mee too

Just testing the ‘attachment’ method (I enclose a URL in ‘img’ tags meself)…

OK, .gif works, .jpg doesn’t. Maybe an image engine needs updating or installing…

In the meantime, why not upload the image to your webspace (everyone should have some, even AOL users…) and use the ‘img’ tags - they work!



It’s just the forum software being lame. I’ve had a look into it and there’s no apparent reason why some people should be able to upload and some shouldn’t. I’ve made one change just now, but don’t rate it’s chances of helping, though if someone can try uploading a jpeg again, I’d be grateful.

I seem to be able to upload fine. Trying on my MAC laptop now:


Tried & failed

Attempted and failed too.

Still can’t

Nope, doesnt work for me either. tried JPG, JPEG, BMP, small file, large file nothing.

Yeah I’ll have a couple of pairs of little yellow ones next time i see ya which will probably be at BM next weet

You can get em online, or tonight.

Jim one thing i dont need in my life is web space…

and it still aint working… bring back the old LB i say

God you’re impatient I’d have thought being an R1 owner, you’d have more patience!

yeah but only waiting at the traffic lights for a Gixxer…

OK, trying a .jpg again:

Failure. (A totally MIME compliant Irfanview jpg, but using IE7 on XPpro, fully patched.)

Jay, what image processing engine are you using server-end?

Im trying !!..and…