MILLE's any good

im thinking of getting a aprillia rsv mille has anyone had one if so what did ya think of them
ive always liked them but people have told me they are a pain in the ass for parts (getting them cause its italian)
and all so the cost of them to run (servicing, insurance)
all so what one is better the original or the new shape with twin exhaust!!
all so what is the commen stuff to go wrong with them

RSV= Twin=

Defo the new shape, pure sex

beautiful looking bikes. I’ve sat on one and it was very comfy but i couldn’t my feet on the floor. are you going to book a test ride?

Excellent bikes… especially the new models out now… i drive a 2002… and its great fun…

Parts wise there quite easy to get hold off… theres a few shops in london now which cater for mille’s and have nearly all parts in stock…

plus as there not as popular as suzuki’s, yamaha’s etc theres lots of bargins to grab on ebay and other places for body work, other parts etc…

regarding insurance there not that bad…

If you’re going to get a V twin then get a Duc!

we got two in our shop, come and have a look - see link in signature!

would i be able to test ride it
could ya sort me oput a deal!!! seeing as im a fellow LB’r!!!
what shop are ya in watford?

The shop is called Colins Colins its away from central Watford but for a free go on a bike worth the trip