Millau Bridge

I just got back from the bridge - Pics in link below

The Gorge De Tarn is below the bridge - spent a day going through - what a route. Loving it - you will get there, and not want to comer back!

Already planning next years trip.

Sure thing, I don’t mind either way just that the train is so much quicker and far less hanging around

Went over/under that bridge in 05 and it was an awsome sight and the town has some yummy little cafes, really nice place

hey new to this forum, want to do the bridge this year and take son along (14 years old) so would have to go on 600 bandit, unless I can get rid of ex, make some new cash and buy a 1250 bandit before then…that was the plan this year but tight on cash…

So if you dont mind my slow 600 bandit along I want to come…


There’s gona be a few of us on our way back from spain bout this time, might be able to hook up with ya on way back

Could be a plan Terry

First post updated

am buggered for the dates posted…am away in blackpool, already booked and paid for…so cant change that plus son is away with ex…on holiday so if there is nay chance of moving it forwards to early august that would be better for me…


I am !!

Quality !!

Name added

Think he is Drei!!!

Lets not hijack this thread with a “Is Ginger banned in France” argument.

Looking Good !!

Nice one Drei, MrsB a bit happier now

Yes I will be more than happy to book the ferry for all. I will wait till the end of play tomorrow to see how many there are. I will phone the P&O and see if they will do a deal but as there will prob only be 4/5 bikes they may not.

Faze one was looking at hotels, found any yet???

yo i have just caught up with this thread and didnt know it was a goer.i could well be interested in this run and will c if i can get the time off tonight when i go in if there is still time to join

even though im not going and would love to come i found you a link to maybe cheap hotels,

these are very basic but are based on rooms not people, they have one double and one single in rooms and have no keys just numbers to remember to get into your room,

hope this helps

and heres a link for breakdown cover for single days or 3 days etc see here

hope that helps too

happy ginger

if you look at this link youll find a few hotel in lyon which is probably not far from mallau bridge and at cheap rates 30 euros per night for a room is worth it

Nice one Ginge great help thanks

thats ok mate that what hosts do, well me anyway help stranded people on the road to nowhere

glad i could be of some help

just do me a favour bring me back a suveniour from the bridge

Hi Steve

there is still plenty of time to join this trip. would be glad to have you onboard.

I am in, I have booked my holiday.

ginger cant you top up the oyster and meet them out there, dont worry if we go i will bring you back a nut & bolt.