Millau Bridge

This trip is ON

Over 3 days Friday 24th Saturday 25th Sunday 26th August 07 The crossing will be by ferry as we intend to get within 100 miles of the bridge on day one so that we have lots of time to “play” at the bridge on day two. Using the ferry will give us a break and time to relax before the long run down. There will be pit stops and pre planned fuel stops.

Day one is going to be a long one But it will be worth it

P&O Ferries Dover - Calais 0625 sailing on the 24th

Calais - Dover 2240 sailing on the 26th

Bike + rider = £40 return… Bike + rider & pillion = £42.50

Hotel details, Etaphotel 25 Avenue Charles Dupuy - 43000 Le Puy en Velay,

42 euro’s per room (sleeps 3) per night and only an extra 5 for breckie. The plan is to stay here on both nights.

To Book and enter hotel name

Book your own room or arrange to share, your call

Day 1 Ferry crossing, most of way down stay in prebooked Etaphotel

Day 2 Hit the bridge travel part way back stay in same prebooked Etaphotel

Day 3 run home.

Local roads and possibly a small amount of Mway. Intermediate pace, not a blat!!

Route to follow

Signed on so far.

Busa_55 + MrsB (pillion) Ferry & Hotel booked

Dannyboy Ferry & Hotel booked

Baby Polar Bear + Ginger (pillion) Ferry & Hotel booked

it sounds a great idea but as im banned for six months i cant do it unless i get pillion

It’s a good trip, and can be done on interesting roads rather than boring old Péage, three days is a good measure.

Remember the visitor centre is on the north side of the viaduct, I sadly only realised this after getting across and then rain started in monsoon style…

There’s a visitors center underneath the bridge as well… the bridge looks great from below so worth a quick scoot down there if you can.

I like the sound of this but need to check dates first, I am a bit short of holiday.

Sounds like a good plan - might be up for it myself.

Have moved it to rideouts & meets so it gets seen

Ok peeps there seems to be a bit of interest in this so I will put a bit more time in it.

Dates wise, somewhere in between 13th Aug and the 27th Aug but not the 19th (BCWII)

Numbers could be a problem, hotel wise but I spose the sooner we try and book the more availability there will be.

I see as no more than 10 bikes so as to not need cornerman just follow the leader, but then again if lots do want to go we can still do it. All open for ideas at the moment.

In case anyone panics, BCWII is 8th Sep, 19th August is the UnityII ride.

walk it. you got 6 months

Thanks for that jim getting me dates mixed up

i would be interested in this, subject to getting time off from work…

I am away this weekend but will put the plan together when I return and lets see who’s in

Any info from peeps who have been would be welcome.

Am also interested, end of August sounds good. Once you have the dates fixed, I’ll check whether I can get the days off…

I would be interested in this one. Anytime in August would be fine with me. I have been wanting to see this bridge for quite some time.

As far as hotels are concerned, there are plenty of Etap hotels along the way. They are cheep, usually £30 per night, and for a few quid more, you can add breakfast.

Been to the bridge when we were on the way back from Spain and it was great. IMO, better to look from under it and on the West side of it (road - D992) if the weather is all good.

Hey Bussa,

Posted two days ago and you already have seven people interested in this ride.

It is a brilliant idea and if you would like a bit of help with the planning, I am a willing volunteer.

You might now want to post a sticky on this one.


pm sent faze one

Ok dates set 24th, 25th, 26th August. I have deliberately avoided the Bank holiday Monday as the crossing cost goes up quite a bit.

I will look at costs when at work tommorow and post.

Would love to post a sticky if someone would be kind enough to tell me how


Eurotunnel return crossing £74 (might get block book discount)

Hotel approx £30 per night or less £60

  • your fuel around 1200mile + food and drink.

Who’s in???

Good work busa, I will check with the boss to see if I can get the time off.

Count me in.

Just checked with P&O ferries and got rates of £47 return. I prefer the tunnel’s half hour journey over the hour and a half journey time of the ferry, but I furthermore realise that there may be some who may not wish to use the tunnel.