Millau Bridge, The Return. 04.08.09

Following the very successful trip to The Millau Bridge in 2007 We are going to do it again:)
Lasttime we did it in just 3 days and it was a very painful journey home. This time it will be over 5 days and will be an estimated total miles of 1,400, Calais to Calais.

Ferry crossing from Dover, 07.45 sailing. This is so that anyone who has a very early start to get to Dover,gets a bit of a rest on the boat.

Day 1 Leave Calais approx 10.00h stay over night in the Orleans area, appox miles covered 260.

Day 2 Leave Orleans approx 0900h head down to St Etienne, approx 280 miles. This will be a 2 night stay.

Day 3 Go play on the fantastic roads that lead down to the bridge and the town of Millau, and back to St Etienne. approx miles this day 400.

Day 4 LeaveSt Etienneapprox 0900h heading for a stop on the way home around Troyes, approx miles 280.

Day 5 Leave Troyes heading back to Calais approx 270 miles.

This is a 5 day bike ride to see and cross the Millau Bridge and enjoy the roads around Millau,

We will not use any Motorways except the one we will have to use to cross the bridge.

Date for the trip Depart 4th Aug, Return 8th Aug.

Dover to Calais 4th Aug 09 on the 07.45 sailing.

Calais to Dover 8th Aug 09 on the 21.00 sailing.

P&O Ferry return cost £49 (bike 2 passengers)

P&O Ferry now full

Second Ferry, Seafrance sailing 08;00 on the 4th

Return sailing 21;00 on the 8th

Me and Gill





Baby Polar Bear


Trackday Junkie

Jetstream & Mrs JS meeting in Le Puy en Valay on the 6th:cool:


Mo this very tempting after the we did the last one but at the moment as its going to be my :Whistling: birthday I’m hoping to arrange another trip but if it goes all Pete Tong I would love to ride with you again - Sans ginger.

Anyone else thinking of doing this with Mo I can highly recommend it he is a good group leader and we had a fab time.

Mo & Mrs Mo

I would be honored to join you on this ride if you’ll have me?


oooh tempting…NOPE cant afford a 3rd long trip to europe :wink:

but have fun anyway :slight_smile:

Count me in - I trust there will be many ‘wiggly’ miles. :wink:

Mike you are more than welcome:)

Jim there will be lots and lots of wigglies:) and a few straight bits;)

Stace hope you do make it:) be good to have you along again.

count me in please

but can i say one thing MO please no nicking pillows for Gill’s ass on the way home lol

You’ve got a cheek ginge, we all know who nicked the pillow last time;) you could always take it back this time:)

thats if i knew what i done with them lol

anychance i can borrow your mattress then this time lol

check out my featured route in the january edition of superbike,
it was a route to the bridge me and some mates did in the summer, awesome,
i won a garmin satnav for my trouble top notch.

No chance :):stuck_out_tongue:

Right well after a bit of shuffling things around Me and Sincere are up for this Mo (PM sent)

I am really tempted to do this again, just not sure about 5 days off work at that time of year. Will see what i can do…

I can wholeheartedly recommend not sharing a room with stace and ginger if anybody is considering it:D

I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist it Stace:) good to have you aboard.

Really can’t understand why Dan:w00t::w00t:Hope you do make it;) go on, you know you want to:)

Hiya Mo and Gill,

Any more thoughts as to the dates we are going?

Sorry to be a pest but work are asking me to commit some holiday time.



Likewise, my calendar is rapidly filling up.

same, last year I missed it due to the accident so wouldn’t mind to try make it if we know and estimated time for it. Will probably need 1 day off if we decide to do French trip this year:)

Ok guy’s how does leaving on Tuesday 4th Aug, returning on Saturday 8th Aug, sound???

All good Mo - how many are coming so far?