Millau Bridge#4 The Finale



Sunday 28th October 2012 - Friday 2nd November 2012 This is going to be the last eurotrip that I will be organising:) I’m getting too old now (before someone else says it) to spend hour after hour in the saddle. So with this in mind, this trip is going to be a bit of a bimble (compared to my usual trips) Max mileage per day will be approx 300 (ish;))Hotels costing approx £50/£60 per night (double/twin) will be pre-booked in or near too Orleans, Millau, Le Puy, Besancon and Landau Haguenau(not finalised yet) The route will obviously go over and under the Millau bridge, an interesting ride through the Tarn Valley and, The Black Forrests B500. There will be very few, if any, motorway miles except on the final day when we run for home. There will only be one Toll, that’s the bridge itself, I think it’s about 7Eu, Expect a total mileage between 1500 - 1700.

This is not a ride for knobbers, Experienced riders only!!! oh! and NO 125’s:P

Limited to 10 people not bikes! (would be nice to see a few couples on this one) so we have a max of 9 bikes. Hotels, all Ibis with secure parking, total cost for the 5 nights twin/double room £214 + breakfast if required, bargain! There is usually a small charge for the secure parking.

Eurotunnel Depart 07:20 Sunday 28th October - return 20:20 Friday 2nd November, cost £67

This is how it will run,

28th, Day 1 down to Orleans 278 miles

29th, Day 2 carry on to Millau 343 miles a lot of which are fast twisties:cool:

30th, Day 3 sight seeing, under and over the bridge, up the Tarn valley to Le Puy 143 miles

31st, Day 4 over to Besancon to prepare for the B500 tomorrow:w00t: 256 miles

1st, Day 5 early start, hack accross to the B500 guaranteed to put a smile on ya face:D through Baden Baden to Haguenau 316 miles.

2nd, Day 6 a fast blat back to Calais and home 384 miles.

Wont it be a bit cold at that time of year? But interested! :slight_smile:

That Millau bridge is totally stunning, I did it a few months ago…

Of course you already know that Mo! Here’s a pic for those that don’t…

No not at all;) not going to any real altitude and far enough south!!! it’s usually good riding temp that time of year anyway:cool:

Yeah! was in that very spot only 2 weeks ago:cool:

I have no holiday entitlement left but got a meeting with the boss at 3 this afternoon:w00t: one can but try to get the time off:w00t:

FFS - can you change the date… :w00t::Whistling: i’ll be in Kos that week and wanted a euro trip before the end of the year!

Gutted i won’t be able to make this!:crying:

Suspect it’s the half term dates…

YUP!!!:wink: set in stone:)

I’ll get my Trailer ready. :smiley:


was thinking about taking one with us!!!:hehe:

No i wont be going on this, sadly. :-), i shall be in devon for some of those dates, wayyy safer down there!

tempted, wonder if the back will be up to it by then?

SO annoying to be missing out on all this stuff!


would you collect a bike from Perth SW Australia? :Whistling: