Milkshakes are on me!

Morning all.

I passed Poppins in Sheen a couple of weeks ago and saw all these bikes plotted up outside. I wondered what was happening on my manor so a quick Google revealed all ( and this site). Anyway, hello to all y’all, and next time you are down these parts I will poppin (sic) and say hi!

I recently retired from dispatching, good timing I reckon with this weather. I ride a Fazer thou’, Fazer 600, a Revere that is immortal, and trying to get a Mille at the mo if the right one comes up before the summer (ahem) ends.


Good Morning And Welcome To LB

Welcome to LB!!!

Pop into our Borough Market meet every Wednesday

Hey there

Welcome to LB!!

Welcome aboard


Welcome to LB dude

Welcome to LB

Hi and welcome aboard.