Military Bands...

After watching a passing out parade at Hendon the other week, I have re-found my love for miltary bands. :cool:I always have and always will shed a tear when I hear Sunset, and remember my mates who’ll never hear it again! :crying:

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the clip below, and you’ll understand… :wink:

If you’d have posted this the other week I coulda got you a couple of free tickets for the Windsor Castle Royal Military Tattoo!

You should look at going to this if you’re interested in the military bands:

I live next to the place so I get the music free all year round!!

You can’t beat the massed bands of the Black Watch, my Grandfather was in the Black Watch during WW2 and he used to love listening to them and I have to agree with him it’s a fantastic sound

Absolutely with you, especially about Sunset. Bearing in mind of course that the Central Band of the RAF are the finest in the land!

Lights blue touch paper and runs for cover…

Everyone’s got their personal favourites…

…mine’s the Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines.

I was in barracks next to the Drill Shed at HMS Drake and had performances three times a week…


Have to agree with you there. I’m ex Royal Engineers, and the Corps of Royal Engineers Band is amazing! :cool:However, nobody performs Sunset like The Band of Her Majesties Royal Marines! :wink: (My father was a bootneck! :wink: )

Gutted! :pinch: Let me know if you have any other opportunities! :wink:

Plenty more to try and get to… :wink:

Will do RR. I’ve been spoiled on the Mil Bands front. My office in Wellington Bks looked over the square, every morning I’d complain about the noise from whichever band was doing the changing of the palace guard. LOL;)

Of course if you go to the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday you will have a great opportunity to see mil bands and remember fallen comrades. Get there by 8 and you should get a good view. Atmosphere there is always very special, very moving. Best spot is probably opp the Treasury.

Trooping the Colour is coming up soon. Stand along the Mall and you should see all the processions.

there is no such thing as the ‘massed bands of the blackwatch’, or any other scottish regiment any more unfortunately…

Yes mate, love a good military band and have a few CD’s. Most of my mates and the wife think I’m sad, barmy or both. Trooping the colour rehearsal was today, I work about 5mins walk from horse guards.

Cheers All