Mileage Correction in London, anyone know of any places that do it ?

Before anyone pipes up about me turning the clock back the bike has a full service history ! I am basically toying with the idea of getting the clocks tricked up in the states so was thinking of ordering a new set, sending em off and then putting them on the bike. Would be a bit strange if the bike suddenly had 0 miles on it ! :smiley:

BTW, the bike is a 05 Gixxer-6…


Theres a mobile guy on the net that comes round to you and does it - apparently it just takes 30 mins or so and I think he charges between £35 and £65.Pretty useless me saying this as I cant for the life of me remember what he or the company is called - try doing a search and dont just concentrate on the bike terminology. I’m sure the guys that do cars can also do bikes as all it is is a new code on their thingymajig!

Cool, thanks for that… :slight_smile:

i may know a guy in west london will ask him in the morning and let you know price and things like that if you want mate

Look for blokes (non sexist, they all seem to be) offering “mileage corection” or “electronic dashboard repairs” in you local paper.

They seem to be able to do anything you want with a set of digital clocks.


(They will also do things you dread buying without knowing it’s been done.)