Mike Patton Gig July 17th Astoria

Anyone up for this?

I’ve got his latest album, Peeping Tom, and it’s up there with his best work.

I’ll book tickets on Tuesday, so let me know by Monday night. Tickets are £20 incl. booking fee.

Bring on the mighty god of rock vocals!!

Mike Patton, is he the guy who used to be lead singer for Faith no more?

If so, what a nutter.

Absolutely right. And what a talented nutter, an artist in the true sense of the word.

After Faith No More he’s done a number of various projects with lots of differing artists. His latest album features amongst others, Massive Attack and Norah Jones.

I’ve been a fan since the early days of FNM although have never seen him live, so I’m going, even if it is by myself (cos no London Biker mates want to come with me )

Saw him with FNM in the early nineties when they were supporting G’n’R.

Without doubt the best front man i’ve ever seen.

Awesome - so what are you waiting for - Astoria, next Monday, you know you want to