Miguel new member

Hello to everybody,

Well i am a guy from Portugal that have found this great site,and become inlove with it:)

I love to meet new friends all around the world, on the internet and wen riding my motorcycle. Have talk to alot of people from UK that usual meet on Gaz stations or MotoGP in Portugal,Spain and a the Faro meeting.

Thanks alot for one of the best site i have ever been

I am very sorry about my English but i try my best.

Best Regards


Welcome to LB Miguel :)Faro is one meet I have got to do :cool:Your English is very good mate, better than someone’s on here thats got a simular name…you aint related to him by anychance, ’ Tug1400 ’ :D:)

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

welcome mate…:wink:

Welcome aboard :smiley:

hi mate


Hi and welcome to the madhouse

i was down in Villamoura over the new year. Where in Portugal are you


Seja bem vindo ao LB!

Sou iniciante (de motos e do site mais ou menos), mas posso te ajudar com dúvidas, se tem (tens?) :wink:

(Welcome to LB!

I’m a beginner (to biking and to the site more or less), but I can help you with any doubts, if you have any :wink: )

Welcome to LB. :slight_smile:


I was there in Vilamoura to :w00t:, in the new year

I live near Lisboa:)


Your welcome anytime:)

Hope you enjoy the world and feeling for motorcycles.


Hello & Welcome to LB Miguel :smiley: