Might have to go Green

New Kwaka 450, might have to sell the DRZ and go green!!


Remember that the KLX is a race bike. You pay for the extra performance and light weight in servicing. The service intervals on these bikes are measured in hours, not thousands of miles. Although you can extend the service intervals if you are using it on the road, it will never have the longevity or reliability of your DRZ.

It should be a lot of fun though, and at home in the mud.


Tsk tsk John, don’t you read our brilliant news? We’ve got the high-res photos as well!

I must admit, it does look the part, no old and boring bits in the design.


Jay, get to bead earlier!! It is nice though. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

Just got my new back light and plate holder (LED), weighs next to nothing and is tiny. Fitting this weekend if I have a chance.