Miffed - Almax

I mentioned Almax to a friend of mine who had some cnuts have a go at knicking his bike. luckily for him his chain - not an Almax - held but only just… I suggested he go for an Almax immediately.He called them on Thursday and ordered with next day delivery paid. Monday, no chain. Now they apologised, but cant get a chain to him before Friday which is over a week… He’s had to go buy an interim chain. Shame. Victims of their own success?

Not good :frowning:

Fix up please Almax.


Try these: http://www.pjbsecurity.co.uk/untouchable-16mm-x-20m-chain-untouchable-lock

I got both one of them and an Almax and I think they’re pretty much the same. Bit cheaper than an Almax too.

+1 for PJB Security over Almax.

I’d recommend this package and the price includes delivery and a ground anchor too LINKY HERE.

The Squire SS65CS padlock is the same as the one supplied with the Almax IV and Squires 16mm chain is equivalent to the Almax series III 16mm chain. Note this is not the Squire MC4 chain tested by Almax, that was a 12mm chain now obsolete and withdrawn from the Squire range.

The 1.5 metre chain is good for ground anchor use, if you want to secure your pride and joy to a tree or lamp post get a tape measure out and check chain length required, a 2 meter chain works for me around lamp posts and small trees.

Just checked these Untouchable chains out and good to see there’s a 19mm option there too.

Now to see if there’s a vid of these being tested by the Almax crew :smiley: nope, didn’t think so!

Good to have some competition in the market again.


Well spotted that man …

Almax series III are 16mm chains, Almax series IV are 19mm chains, the heaviest chain tested by the Almax crew in their video is 12mm chain. This may have something to do with the FACT that the Irwin T942H 42" bolt cutters have a recommended maximum jaw opening of 12.5 mm, that’s 13mm at a push but no more :wink:

Anna had the same problem with Almax. Over a week for delivery! :angry:

They are a bit slow with the delivery, with mine I ordered it on sunday but didn’t receive it till friday.

However when I paid over the phone the funds didnt actually leave my account till thursday.
So I don’t know whether they wait for the funds to clear and then send next day delivery

TBH I haven’t had an issue with the Almax delivery when I ordered it. It arrived within 2 days of placing the order, with a Kriega US-10 included f.o.c…:cool: It makes me wonder what has changed since then…

I am Max, the Max part of Almax. we would like to apologise foir the delay in dispatching some of the orders.

The Bank holidays caused a problem as the ovens were turned off and had to get back up to temp again, and the fact that the sun has started to shine, made for more orders than normal.

We are very sorry for the delays, and normally refund P&P if we are unable to deliver next day. So if any of you have paid P&P and I missed you, just drop me a line and I will refund your postage.

If you are going to invest in a 19mm chain, with the Squire lock, just ask if the lock has been altered in anyway, as other manufacturers shave the material off of a squire lock so their rounded chain fits into the shackle appature.

Sorry again for the delay, we are working to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

welcome Max

good post, and seem’s more than reasonable to me, nice one dude.:slight_smile:


Many thanks for joining LB and posting here, Max. I have had one of your chains for the past year or so and am delighted with it, it gives me a lot of peace of mind. And when I ordered it I did receive it the next day, with the free Kriega bag.

Thanks for producing such excellent chains; may you produce many more :cool:

i got a free upgrade due to no stock of the length I wanted, and turned up the next day. Prob better to phone up than use the site if you 100% desperately need something urgently?

Thanks Max. I’ll let my friend know that he can contact you regarding his late delivery issue. Note the order was placed back in April not around any bank holidays and over the phone.


Puppy’s bike is secured in place with Almax chains - THE best chains ever!

Puppy was more than happy with them and that’s good enough for me :smiley:

Why not just advertise 1-3 day delivery or 3-5 day?

1-3 days is perfectly acceptable rather that having a miffed client cause their product arrived a day late. :unsure:

Because 9 times out of 10 we do get them out on a next day delivery, occasionally we have problems and then normally we notify the customer, got to admit I dropped the ball on this one and didn’t do that.

We sometimes have problems with suppliers, ie: I have no Hardie Ground Anchors, as they have no stock. Squire also have a problem keeping up with demand.

We try to ensure that we keep you guys informed all along the line, but every so often I do slip up.

If anyone has a problem please give us a call and we will be happy to rectify it.:slight_smile:

Hi! This is a bit unrelated, but just wanted to chime in that you don’t need to get a kriega us10 to carry your almax. I’ve a Series IV 1.5m and carry it with all my other bits and bobs in a Joe Rocket space pack with no problems. If anything, my bike isn’t ideal for mounting it because of the single seat unit, but its very solid on my givi rack. Anyway, very happy with my almax :slight_smile: Infinity had it for £15 delivered, might still do actually.

One tip I’d give to people is to snip the cable tie immediately on one end of the covering to allow you to get it through the anchor, I was effing and blinding a good deal the first time I tried to get it through the anchor without the links exposed :cool: