Midweek Bender 03/08/2022

Midweek Bender.

Meeting point will be Little Manor Service Station Cranleigh at 18:45 for a 19:00 departure. I ride a distinctive green and black CBR600RR with bright yellow leathers so I’m easy to spot. We’ll follow a scenic route to Brighton for Nandos then make your own way home.

Usual drill. Don’t ride like an idiot, don’t film and always observe proper rideout etiquette.

Pace will be steady.

I think I can actually make this one!

I’ll double-check

yer I might be able too as well.

Ironically, didn’t do this weeks for the same reason you mention above when I realised how much M25 I had to do really put me off.

Lol. Didn’t read this properly. I got to Rykas on time :slight_smile: have fun.

Shame. Yeah I can’t be arsed to ride round to Rykas. That being said Cranleigh isn’t much better. Served by Surreys finest 40 zones.

Made it to Nandos. That last set of hill roads (or whatver you call them) with the sun setting and low clouds was something else.

Rykas is about as far as I will head out for the start location. Sorry :slight_smile: Glad you had some nice views.

Another midweek bender. A good time was had by me. There is still a bit of single track road towards the start of the route that I’ll try and remove. We could probably arrange a mid route rendezvous for those who wish to start at Rykas. We’ll all be heading south. Took the M3 on the way home as I didn’t fancy the A31 Hogs Back. It wasn’t cold again which was nice. The Nandos is in a massive retail park with lots of outside seating so great for parking bikes up. I’m away for the next two weeks. When I get back I’ll get some round tyres instead of square ones and head out again. A midweek bender breaks up the week nicely.


Looks fun. Start from Rykas and you’ll have more folks come :slight_smile:

Depends where they live. If you are West of Rykas it is a pain to get to.

From squared off tyres to round ones…It’s like riding a new whole bike :slight_smile:

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