Midweek beers in Enfield? - Tuesday 4th April 2017

I gather that there are a few of us in Enfield borough, or reasonably close by, so how about hooking up for a few beers in the heart of Palmers Green? The venue will be the Alfred Herring pub, 316-322 Green Lanes N13 5TT, say 7:30pm.

If you’re up for a brew, let me know on the list below. Later dudes.

  1. Aceman

School night drinking I’ll check my Diary

  1. Cat
  2. Dog

^^ heh heh

Might be able to swing by after crossfit.

Will be on call. But if not working can drop by for a coffee.


Reminder.  If anyone can make this, please add your name to the list.  Else I’ll be the only guy in the pub on his own.

  1. Aceman
    2. Your name here
    3. Ditto…

You’re not too far from the legend that was Kishan :slight_smile:

And in his memory, I say I am 15.6% likely to attend.

To save being on your own can’t you take the cat, dog and rest of your personal role call crew.

The cat is pretty much an indoor cat, and tends to scratch most people that approach her.  The dog, can pretty schizophrenic, like teddy bear, teddy bear, teddy bear, JAWS!  Guess I could bring a book, or have a stimulated conversation with Wombat/Changeling/Acey MacAceFace.   If there’s a psychoanalyst there, I may end up in a padded that evening.

I’ll be in the pub from 7:30pm.  I’ll post up here the table that I’ll be on.  Please note that Palmers Green has poor signal quality for  mobiles, once inside buildings. However, if you want to contact me, get my number from http://aceman.co.uk/?page_id=30 

Was called out at 3.20am. It’s been a long day. The only place I will be going to shortly is bed.

Hey guys, I’m on table 5, at the back of the pub, under the television.

Too knackered to stop off after deadlift and snatch day. Sorry to miss the fun.

That’s ok banman. However you missed out on…






Oh heck.  I can’t see how to edit the previous picture.  Help!